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Brawl Delayed: ZOMG TEH DOOMED!!11~

So now we’ve got this walking pile of fail over at Wired predicting MICROSOFTALYPSE this holiday season, just because Nintendo has decided to push back the release of Super Smash Bros: Brawl to January 2008. Three whopping months. Sweet Tree-Topping Jebus, where do I start with this?

How about this approach: I’ll come right out and say it. Halo 3 notwithstanding, there is minuscule-to-no chance whatsoever that Microsoft will catch up to Nintendo, or even beat their sales numbers, in this upcoming season. Super Smash Bros: Brawl’s availability (or lack thereof) will have a less-than-significant impact on performance this Christmas.

Look, I know all the hardcore Wii gamers (myself included) are frothing at the mouth for SSB:B, but you all have to realize that we’re in the minority as highly-connected, hardcore gamers. A whole lot of Nintendo console owners (the clear majority, I’d wager) have never purchased a Super Smash Brothers title in any incarnation. A slightly larger percentage have played someone else’s copy, and many more have heard of it. The negative effect of its absence from the shelves for the next three months can’t begin to compare to the positive effect of the presence of universally appealing titles that everyone has been waiting for. Especially one in particular… Continue reading

Wii Will Not Be Disappointed

Good ol’ Billeh Berghammer over at GameInformer has penned an article expressing his apprehensiveness about the Wii’s launch. An excerpt:

“…the future is made up of many of the same promises and hopes I had when the N64 and GameCube were announced. I just hope I don’t end up being disappointed once again.”

Granted, I had similar concerns about the last Nintendo home console. I also had the same concerns about the DS. I mean, come on, a touch screen? How can *that* be fun?

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Reggie Fuels the Revolution

Those who know me know of my love for Slashdot. It’s not perfect, but its moderation/meta-moderation system does tend to keep me saturated with fairly sane commentary from many views of any topic.

Anyway, Nintendo’s PR Strongman, Reginald Fils-Aime (promounced FEES ah-MAY), is at it again, spreading the Revolution (or at least, news about it) to lands far and wide. Below are a few responses from the Slashdot post.

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