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Display Wars: The Saga Continues

Good as new, right?

“New” and “Used” are the same thing, apparently.

Yeah, OK, I jinxed it. I got my new 23″ display last Friday, and it has a whole slew of issues. There’s about 22 dead pixels, luminosity is from the top-left to middle-right, and the LCD panel wobbles forward and backward inside its metal bezel when I tilt the display back and forth.

Call me crazy, but it doesn’t seem like the best idea to send a refurbished (read: “used”) product to someone who’s spent the last month and a half straight dealing with a lemon. Seems like that might be tempting fate. Oh, but it gets better.

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Display Wars: Return of the Replacement

Last Rights for the Lucky

All good things must… be supplanted by shinier things.

Well, boys and girls, after all of that effort trying to get them to repair the display, it turns out that there are no more replacement LCD panels with which to repair it.

And after all those times (including four years ago) that I asked them to skip yet another fruitless repair, and just replace this lemon of a display, that’s exactly what they’re doing. And that’s pronounced “do-ing”, not “doing” (like the sounds springs make in cartoons).

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Display Wars: A New Hope

Gather ’round, my friends. It’s story time.

Five years ago, it seemed like a good idea. The Apple Cinema Display was 22 inches of pure visual stimulation. I had to have it, for the productivity it offered, and the wow factor. I shelled out $4,000.00 for the display, and $3,500.00 for a new G4. I still have a tiny bit left to pay off on the loan, but it was worth it. The display was amazing… for about a year.

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Single Chip, Dual Core Machines Faster than Old Dual Chip G5s

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a clock-for-clock basis it looks like a dual-core chip won out against the dual-chip box…”

Engadget –

Cool… that was something I was wondering about. Apple had quietly switched the dual-chip machines to use one chip, with 2 cores. Looks like it’s actually resulted in a speed boost, aided, of course, by newer technology elsewhere in the new G5s.

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