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Says AndroidSPIN: “iPhone Users Getting Fed Up, Switching to Android”

I’ve come close to being one of them.  Very close.  In fact, if I had the funds, I’d have two phones right now.

However, when I decide which horse to back (or any time I’m making software), I have to constantly remind myself that I’m a geek, and not representative of the population at large (the ones for whom I am making said software).  Apple is still doing it best for 95% of the people who would want a smartphone

That article’s author is particularly bad about remembering that, and quite frankly, the whole article is full of half-truths bordering on wishful thinking (hey, the site is called AndroidSPIN)…

  • “Open Source is what customers want.” No, it is not.  It’s what we geeks want.  Customers couldn’t care less.  They want something that works—the way they would expect.  Apple delivers.
  • “A lot of the iPhone users I’ve talked to are either switching to or already have switched to Android.” Ah yes, anecdotal evidence: so damning.  I’m sure the people he’s talking to are the type who would be switcher types.

I’m seeing a fair bit of misdirection in there on other topics, too.  I’ll cover them as I come across them.

Constant updates: All iPhone users get all iPhone updates simultaneously.  This is far from true if you’re running Android.  Depending on the carrier/device you have, Android updates may be far less frequent, or may never come.  For this reason, I always tell people that if they want an Android phone, they should lean toward a stock Android device, like the N1 or the Droid.

Listening to its users: Last time I checked, Eric Schmidt hasn’t been replying to Google customers’ emails directly.  :D  But specifically, what are users and developers asking for?  Apple dropped DRM from iTunes entirely… other media types are, ostensibly, next in line.  iPhone OS 4.0 has multitasking and background services.  The next iPhone (currently) has a front-facing camera.  Here, again, our community of hardcore geeks may be completely justified in feeling that Apple is not meeting their needs, but would seem that nobody is listening to the masses better than Apple.

Developer freedom: Time for my own anecdotal evidence, I guess.  I’ve got a half-dozen ideas for iPhone applications, all of which I’m sure would make decent money.  None of them would have any problem clearing Apple’s approval process.  I just attended a local iPhone developer group meeting which filled an auditorium with people who are shipping iPhone apps with no issues.  I find it hard to believe that any talented developer with a decent amount of creativity and imagination would have trouble doing the exact same thing.  I also catch a lot of Android fanboys griping about Apple’s process when they never even tried to get an iPhone app on the App Store.  If you’re just assuming, then your problems are your own, and you’re doing nothing to help the situation.  But if you did try, and your app was rejected, then get it on the Android Market quick, because if it sells well, that is the only thing that will convince Apple to let you do your thing on their platform.  Significant sales.

The Numbers Game: First of all, Android should be growing a lot faster than iPhone… it’s a wonderful product, it’s marketed well, and it has a lot more room to grow than Apple’s offering.  Android-based devices have, indeed, flourished lately, but you have to remember that that’s been in a marketing environment nearly devoid of Apple’s presence… Apple has been damned near silent since the launch of the iPhone 3Gs and prior to iPad.  That’s nearly a year of down-time for Apple, and it concides perfectly with Android’s growth curve.  Realistically, one has to expect that Android’s growth will slow significantly with the advent of the next iPhone and the 4.0 OS.

Would I love to have an Android device for my own uses?  You bet.  If I had the resources, would I develop for both?  Absolutely.   But when it comes to which platform I’m gonna back, I’m not moved from Apple’s offering, which also happens to be more than good enough for my personal needs.

As a side note, I laughed my butt off at the image of the Green Robot relieving itself on the Apple logo.  Very cute; well done.