Reggie Fuels the Revolution

Those who know me know of my love for Slashdot. It’s not perfect, but its moderation/meta-moderation system does tend to keep me saturated with fairly sane commentary from many views of any topic.

Anyway, Nintendo’s PR Strongman, Reginald Fils-Aime (promounced FEES ah-MAY), is at it again, spreading the Revolution (or at least, news about it) to lands far and wide. Below are a few responses from the Slashdot post.

I suspect that Nintendo’s argument is that they want to appeal not just to the predominantly teenage male “hardcore” market.

Rather than entering the hardware arms race of Microsoft and Nintendo to see who can create the most realistic, or at least visually impressive game experience, Nintendo seem to want a more modest aesthetic and rely more on interesting game designs. Whether or not that will work, who knows – but I do at least applaud their attempt at diversifying the game market.

Not everyone wants to play Need for Bling Underground Xtreme 2007, you know.

The DS is for kids? Man, I thought it was for people that wanted to play fun games. Looks like I should tell all my 20+ friends to get rid of their kiddie toy along with me!

Seriously though, when will this “Nintendo is the kidie!” sentiment just die. Nintendo makes games that are fun for ALL age groups. They also have third party support if you just have to have a game with a big “M” on it (Resident Evil 4 = one of the best games ever).

Personally, I can’t wait to play my kiddie Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing online []. Go back to watching Spider Man 2 on your UMD while I play some games.

…even if Revolution gameplay is heads and tails above anything on the other two systems, you’ll always have monkeyheads clamouring for the Splinter Cell: Idaho and Halo 3.

Even if Nintendo platforms did only have brightly-colored family friendly games, it would still be a stupid argument. Games like, say, Halo aren’t more “mature,” they’re more violent. I know the ESRB sticks an “M” on them, but it pretty obviously doesn’t mean you’re an older or more sophisticated person if you play them. I don’t know when the two terms got equated, but it is a little bit irritating when people who just like violent games consider their pastime superior. Obviously, if I’m not shooting something, I’m engaging in some sort of absurd, childish activity. When you start spending your time sipping tea and reading classics instead of yelling “faggot” at strangers over the internet while attempting to obtain their flag, you can talk down to me.

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