Display Wars: Customer Relations Strikes Back

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How may I destroy help you today?

Here’s an update for those of you following the Saga of the Cinema Display. To get up to speed, just read the first article. Much more story and a pretty picture after the break.

I placed a call to Apple’s Customer Relations group to see if I could urge them to stop trying to repair the display, and replace it outright. Long story short, they don’t think that being sent out three times in a one-month period is sufficient to warrant replacement of the display. If it’s not sucessfully repaired this time, they would probably offer me a discount on a new display. Hope they give me my $500 back for the repair, too.

Speaking of “this time“, when I brought my display to the Apple store on the 12th of January, I was told that, conservatively, I could expect my display back by the 22nd. Since it’s now the 25th, I checked the status of the repair using Apple’s online tool for doing so. The status was that it had been received, repaired, and shipped back on the 19th. That’s six days ago, right? Should be back at the store, right? Wrong.

Repair Status

One call to a Genius at my local Apple Retail Store revealed that the display wasn’t anywhere close to shipped back — it wasn’t even done being repaired. The consumer-facing online status tool outright lied to me. The Genius suggested that I call the store to check the status from now on, but couldn’t give me an estimated-time-to-completion for the repair. He also promised to call me when he learned anything new. I decided, “patience,” since he was just as frustrated with the delay and the lack of information as I was, and he showed that he actually gave a shit (several shits, in fact), which is more than can be said for Apple Customer Relations.

Now we play the waiting game, again. This worries me, because I might not be living here much longer, but that’s another post.

Update: The beat goes on… click here.

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