Wii Will Not Be Disappointed

Good ol’ Billeh Berghammer over at GameInformer has penned an article expressing his apprehensiveness about the Wii’s launch. An excerpt:

“…the future is made up of many of the same promises and hopes I had when the N64 and GameCube were announced. I just hope I don’t end up being disappointed once again.”

Granted, I had similar concerns about the last Nintendo home console. I also had the same concerns about the DS. I mean, come on, a touch screen? How can *that* be fun?

Well, it IS fun. It’s also a smashing success. How do I explain the difference between DS and GameCube? Simple: Iwata Satoru. The man is exactly what the company needed. Under his influence, company is becoming technology- and developer-driven, and that makes for all kinds of innovation. He is understated and quiet, but seems to have his finger on the pulse of what gamers want… and (more importantly) what they never knew they wanted.

The pre-announcement hype affected nearly nobody who will ultimately own the Wii. It’s a new ball game from here. It will all come down to Nintendo’s PR campaign, which is something Iwata-san has expressed definite concern about. He acknowledges that it will be difficult to convey what the Wii offers to casual gamers and older adults. When a man like him is concerned about a problem, it will be overcome.

Bottom line: I have no reason not to trust Iwata-san, despite the untruths offered by other Nintendo representatives. He’s the man in charge, and has proven to me that he knows how to use timing, talent, passion, and craftsmanship to deliver a superior experience. DS is amazing; I can’t wait for Wii.

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